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3COB Taxi is an exclusive feature on 3COB that enables you to request for a Taxi ride easily on the Android application.
Easily create an order on the app by dragging markers on the screen to indicate your pickup and dropoff locations. You can instruct the Taxi driver to change the route at will.
3COB Taxi only operates in listed zones as will be explained by your driver.

We offer Exclusive and Affordable Taxi services with customizations such as:

  • Select driver gender
  • Select vehicle type (Motorbike, TukTuk, Salon, SUV)
  • Set pickup time
  • Get fare estimated before placing order
  • Order total calculated according to time taken and distance covered.
  • See nearby drivers on map, message them on 3COB

3COB Drivers have been fully vetted for your security and comfort. You safety and comfort is guaranteed. We have many options for you at a pocket friendly cost.

To get started, download 3COB Android Application from Google Play store.

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